[Review]: Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 5

I always use a Screen protector no matter how tough my manufacturer claims the phone screen to be, I know there are millions of my sort, but are you the ones who buy the Screen Protector off the shelves? If yes, stop doing it and buy a great quality product for any of your devices, mainly because, it not only avoid scratches but also affect the way you see the screen.

So, what aspects are necessary? Anti-glare? Thin, high-quality protection? Well, here we’re reviewing the Power Support Anti-Glare Film Set for iPhone 5


This is one of the easiest case we’ve tried and installed, it took just flat 10 seconds to put it on our iPhone 5 with zero bubbles or dirt on the screen.

The company says, “Power Support’s revolutionary anti-glare film uses patented static-cling adhesive technology, making the film easy to apply and leaving no residue if the film is removed.”

Here is our first impression:

The Fingerprints are non existent. 
Cleaning the screen is easy with the microfiber cloth. 
Easy to install. 
Anti-glare is excellent  

Does it make your screen look Non-Retina?

NOT AT ALL, well slightly, about 5%, Sure there is a very slight pattern to the screen but its very unnoticeable. After a day you can’t even see it unless you hold the phone half an inch from your eye.

Some are worried about the extra holes on the Screen Protector, there are so various sensors on the iPhone are not blocked and response is amazing.

Power Support’s static-cling adhesive film reduces glare, fingerprints, and smudges on your iPhone 5 screen. The new HD formula is compatible with retina display and also provides added protection from scratches, dust, and dirt.

  • New HD film is compatible with retina display
  • Resists glare, fingerprints and smudges
  • No sticky residue if removed

power-support-anti-glares-3 power-support-anti-glares-1 power-support-anti-glares-2

The Screen Protector is brilliant and also been endorsed to be sold on Apple Store world-wide, We don’t even need to vouch for it!

So if you own an iPhone 5, this is a Must buy.

We thank for Mobile Fun team to send across this for the review, also check out more iPhone 5 screen protector.

The DNetWorks Team