EA’s latest reboot of board-game Monopoly

Classic board games are taking on a whole new feel through the use of modern technologies. Electronic Arts has taken the famous cultural icon of the Monopoly board and upped it for the next generation.


The result: a highly entertaining and interactive game that will take the classic game lovers and those just looking for a great game and bring them together. What’s EA’s latest reboot of this game offer? The following explains more.


Monopoly Millionaire Explained


Monopoly Millionaire, the latest game in the EA mobile applications franchise takes the classic game board and pieces and elevates game play. The goal of this game is take your characters and pieces and reach the goal of a million dollars.

This adds a new twist in that it is not just about being the first to bankrupt all others but the first to gain that financial milestone. It, then, takes past gameplay and previous editions and mixes it up enough to make it something with a similar foundation but interesting gameplay.


The benefits of this game can be fantastic. Most importantly you will notice a difference in the quality of graphics in this updated version.

Movement across the board by pieces and characters is more advanced with visuals that will take the game you love and make you look at it differently. The classic concept is still there, which is the reason many new and old users alike are attracted to the game, but there are enough twists that it gives it a new and exciting appeal.

The cost is also very low when compared with other online and mobile applications offerings. At fewer than three dollars, the Monopoly Millionaire game can be accessed on devices which mean consistent gameplay at a low price.

For this reason, it is only a small investment for a potentially large reward. Monopoly Millionaire is also available for different devices and technologies, leaving more access for those who are seeking a game that they can utilize on one or many different platforms.



There are some disadvantages to using this game that users have addressed. First, is the larger size? The game takes a great deal of memory from a device in order to play.

The smaller the GB on a computer or phone, the more likely it is that this can cause delays in gameplay and continuance of quality. The other downfall that users have addressed is the game updates. The Monopoly Millionaire game has included with it updates from previous game problems as well as previous problems found in this game upon first release.

This is not unusual for a game to have in order to address problems and concerns. With Monopoly Millionaire, however, consumers argue that the updates slow down the game or do not address the problems there within. There is something to be said about taking a cautionary approach to this game. While the overall rating is fairly low, the reviews are mixed.

Why Buy

If you are a gamer looking for a new take on the old, Monopoly Millionaire can offer you that in digital form. The technology and advanced nature of the game brings a new spin to the classic that you love. With no assembly required, you can simply download the game to your device.

Take the game wherever you want and you will be assured some entertainment. Also take heed that you will have the backing of EA as the game developer. This is a trusted and reliable name in the world of gaming and that means that you have a strong resource if problems develop.

For this reason and more, you may wish to make the small investment and choose Monopoly Millionaire as your next application purchase.

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