Things to do to make your Facebook Timeline less Annoying to your Friends

Facebook timeline is indeed an innovative feature that has given the social networking platform a great look. However, the new timeline strategy backfires sometimes as some users wish to stick to the older version.

A majority of users though have switched over to the new version as one can add unique pictures as cover page image.


To maintain a balanced presence on Facebook and not annoying your friends is a tough task. Optimizing the profile and page by using an appropriate image size is the best option you can try.

This optimization will work to your advantage and you can connect with friends in a better way, even if you decide to maintain a low profile on Facebook.

1. Innovative cover photo

This is an innovative feature that allows the users to post a cover photo to the profile. As the image used for a cover photo can’t be set to private and is visible to all, the best strategy is to use a sensible picture, so as not to annoy your friends. In case you wish to maintain a low profile on Facebook, and still be in touch with friends, use a random picture or one that your friends can identify with.

Alternatively you can check out This website has a range of picture options that you can use to make the Facebook profile attractive for the friends. The strategy should be to make the profile attractive enough for friends, even if you do not use Facebook frequently.

2. Restrict things you do not desire

Facebook has an innovative feature in the way that it allows one to post notifications, information or comments on the timeline directly. However, you can maintain complete control over your account by blocking others to tag you unnecessarily. This way you will not only be able to maintain privacy but will also be able to help your friends be in good spirits.

For enabling this feature all you need is to scroll down the drop down menu and click over the privacy settings. As you reach the change settings column, check on the same and prioritize the way, you wish to connect with friends without annoying them.

3. Trimming up the timeline

Facebook has another innovative addition in form of its timeline layout. Using this facility one can put pictures, events and experiences year wise, thus sharing the same with your group of friends. As all the events and photographs are displayed year wise, this is a great way of refreshing old memories.

However, this also means that certain events that you wish to discuss with some friends also get popped up. However, Facebook offers a solution for this problem too. For the events or pictures that you wish to avoid, you can hide the posts by clicking on the pencil icon.

Facebook is a great way of connecting with friends and family. However, maintaining an elegant presence is need of the hour. Offer creative tips to friends and share valuable information with them. Your clout in the friend circle is set to grow.

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