Google mourns Damini’s death, lights up a candle on its homepage

If you’ve been following the news, this issue has been the highlight on every news channel around the world, A girl being gang-raped and mercilessly assaulted in New Delhi in a moving bus.

There have been outrages and protests all over India, people have also shown their grief on Social Media and Blogs, Online petitions have been circulating to have the culprits hanged quickly.


Other than this, Silent Marches, Candle lit Vigils have been happening all over the country and government instead of supporting the protestors have been pushing them away, be it imposing Section 144 or even hitting the silent protestors and even tear-gas’ing them.

While everything has definitely caused an uproar, we are still to see any strict actions by the Government, be it punishing the offenders or passing firm laws against incidents like these.

Meanwhile, Google has put up a candle on its homepage paying homage to and supporting the whole protest.

We are supporting it too, are you?

The DNetWorks Team