Cycloramic: Your iPhone 5 will take Panorama images/Videos with this App; by itself

I remember back in the days when I used to put up my Nokia 6610 to rotate with the vibration as the ringtone rang, couldn’t think of any thing that I could do with it, rather than gazing at the marvellous trick.

Today, a company has learned to harness that same force on the iPhone and create something out of the world, A Self-rotating 360-degree Panorama Image creating App on the iPhone 5.


To use this app, all you have to do is stand the iPhone 5 and hit the Go Button on-screen. The vibrations caused by the phone will make it to slowly rotate in a circle and capture a full Panoramic video or images.

The app will only work if the surface is smooth, levelled and hard for obvious reasons, also you have the options to use the front or the rear camera and select the degree of rotation you wish to have.

Interested? Download Cycloramic for iOS [iTunes Store]

Check it out in action

Wonder what happens with the vibration motor sound does that come it come in the video as a noise? Here is Steve Wozniak using it the video is silent, makes us think that the video will be muted automatically, but heck, what sound would you want with a panoramic video, you can always add some music to it.

The DNetWorks Team