Why Source Code Analyzers are Needed: Top Reasons

code-analyzers-neededSource code scanning is always the difficult part of a source code generation. Different situations require different coding analysis based on the type of coding. This is because; it is that phase of software engineering, in which you have to look for issues, problems, and security concerns. The vulnerability for security can come at any time, because threats online and for the software from spywares can weaken the application at any time.

Developers are paid for the software making that work fine and according to the requirements of the users. That is why, the developers have to make it sure that the feedback and analysis of the coding they have done is correct, without errors, generates executive reports, and by the help of gap analysis and refinement tools, the end product is according to the requirements of the end users.

Why is an open source code analyzer needed?

Organizations that use open sourcing can go for binary level scanning tools. These can be beneficial in finding the open source coding software embedded in applications, or installed on the different machines in respect. While such software has to be found, a scanner is needed to know of the total system vulnerabilities and licenses visibility as well. The scanner has the following prospects:

  1. The scanner scans the internal applications for issues, security checks, coding bugs, SQL errors etc.
  2. The scanners also scan the internal servers or the workstations as well.
  3. Open source projects can be identified as well.
  4. The source code scanner also scans the codes to be distributed. This means that readymade software and applications can be made fool proof and secure by the help of scanners as well.
  5. Open source licenses are also scanned and can be identified by the scanners.
  6. Those codes that have been mingled with, are copied, modified, or crafted from other software and applications can be identified as well. The scanning tools can take care of the uniqueness of applications and their security vulnerabilities in this sense too.
  7. Their functionality in scanning different codes can prove worthy of being used for new languages in which their codes are generated based on their compatibility features. This means that the source code analyzers are also open source sometimes as well.

Nowadays, the scanners are readymade, available online free of cost. Those, which are moving towards the IDE concept, can be upgraded to provide the maximum functionalities for which they are made for. They can identify the usual and the unique threats to security of codes and other issues that might rise every day.

Online websites like checkmarx – static code analysis, etc. can be used for having online help in acquiring source code analysis. This is good because the companies like these have the experience and the knowledge of best handling the source-code-analysis activities and bringing out the exact results that you need the source codes to perform. For details, Google the services of such companies online to find mire what you need to know.

About the Author: Muhammad Azam

This guest post is written by Muhammad Azam who is a professional technology blogger. He also writes for Checkmarx.

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