Anonymous takes down Delhi Police website in revenge of the Delhi Rape Case and Violence against the protestors

The hacker group, Anonymous is at it again, this time it is to take revenge against the Delhi Police for causing violence for the protestors gather to non-violently protest against the Delhi Girl Rape Case

While the protestors were holding their protest, Delhi Police started firing water Cannon and Tear Gas shells which caused a lot of running around and police hitting the protestors etc.


Anonymous have give it back right on Delhi Police’s face by taking down, the website seems to be deleted off the server, which looks like a Windows Server, as one can see a Plesk default page.

Anonymous has been urging people on Twitter to join the protest and be the change that is rightly needed in the country.

Meanwhile, seems to be functional, but according to the below tweet, they plan to take down the latter website too.

There is outrage everywhere be it on the streets or Online. We are sure the government has to take a strong stand. We are with you, Keep the great work up.

The DNetWorks Team