5 Strange and Interesting Printers

Printers are usually the bane of our lives. At work, at home or even at the library, we always get the same array of flashing messages threatening us, like “paper jam”, “Out of paper”, “Printer Cartridge low” or even “ERROR 42: PLEASE CONSULT MANUAL”.

Brilliant. No matter where we are, printers will always be mechanically mischievous to any audience. However, what if the printer you were using was like no ordinary printer, and was, instead, a weird and wonderful piece of technological wonderment? Here are 5 strange and interesting printers that just might tickle your interest.


credit: dreamexplorer

PrintBot is constructed out of an old inkjet printer and some other technical wizardry. Ever feeling rebellious at home and want to leave a nasty message in the lounge for someone? Well, the PrintBot prints in talcum powder – so you can print right on the floor and it just brushes away. The Printbot; your brand new vandalism printer!

Coffee Printer

credit: Mark & Andrea Busse

Did you ever think it was possible to print out onto your deliciously frothy latte? Well, you now can with the Latte Art printer. Print the Mona Lisa straight out onto you beverage; or even a message to someone else to let them know it is yours! The best thing about this is that by the time the printer finishes its task, your latte will definitely be ODTÖ.íoptimum drinking temperatureí!

Pencil Printer

credit: Swissdave

Ink cartridges can be an expensive purchase; we all print in ink to give messages, memoís and faxes to each other regardless of how little importance the message actually is. So, itís about time someone dreamt up the pencil printer! Print out your message in pencil if itís a draft; so people can amend your mistakes until you finally print in ink. A green solution to our printing needs.

Toast Printer

credit: oskay

Fancy making a quick buck on eBay – do you remember how the image of Virgin Mary on toast sold for $28,000? Well, now with the toast printer you can print & sell any kind of image on toast to chumps all around the world! Or maybe, just simply use the toast printer to keep yourself amused before work in the early hours of the morning.

CandyFab 4000

credit: DumbYellowDog

Using a heat gun, motorized jack and many pounds of sugar; the CandyFab 4000 can make your wildest sweet-related dream come true. Functioning similar to a 3D printer, the CandyFab 4000 prints sugar layer by layer according to the uploaded model; whatever it is.


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