[Solved] PayPal Error: We are unable to decrypt certificate id, in WordPress

Paypal is an awesome tool to enable payments on your website almost instantly, you can start an online store in a matter of minutes, all you need is a Paypal Account and a website where you would sell the goods or services.

A lot of people use Paypal to accept Payment, Paypal has solution to fit all bills and have emerged as one of the biggest contenders in the Online Marketplace.


I have been using Paypal on my clients’ websites since about 10 years now and everything is merry. We’ve done a lot of WordPress Customised Paypal Shopping Cart integration along with a lot of development on and around Paypal, click to check the new developments around PayPal. After a good years gap I just integration the Paypal Buy Now button on one of our sites after creating the “Buy Now” button on Paypal with all the required option, I got the code from Paypal to paste in to my “WordPress” site which will be enabled to accept payment once the installation succeeds.

But just as I pasted the Button code on the website, and tried to test the button, it threw and error after I hit the Buy Now it said, “We are unable to decrypt certificate id.” and I was confused as child in a topless bar.

Tried Googling the error around but couldn’t find anything substantial, finally stumbled upon a link where someone said that, it might be a parse error, where the interpretation of the code must have stopped abruptly and from there my quest began.

The Simple Solution to ‘We are unable to decrypt certificate id.‘ on Paypal

Search for a white space in your Paypal Button code and remove it, yes fellas, it’s as simple as that, generally what happens is, when you copy the button code, most of the times we tend to copy the whitespace or at times the visual editor takes a new line as a backspace especially around this area

----BEGIN PKCS7-----
---END PKCS7-----

Ensure that the whitespace is removed and you will most definitely see the Paypal Buy now page when you test it after saving the page after the removal of white spaces’.

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