Review: Graft Concepts Leverage Case Black for iPhone 4/4S

Having a case on your iPhone for just protection alone is so out dated, companies around the world are innovating to get cases designed in such a way that it not only protects your beloved iPhones but makes it looks like a piece of art.

Graft Concepts’ Leverage iPhone 4/4S case provides not only elegant looking design but also is a good lightweight protection for your Apple device with an ease of installation.

The Leverage case is a polycarbonate bumper case that has an ingenious metal clipping system, Once you place you phone into the bumper, you actually need to hook the case mechanically, does sounds difficult but it’s darn easy, the latch is chrome to give you the rich feel even while using a bumper.

What’s in the Box: Graft Concepts Leverage Case Black for iPhone 4/4S

We received the package from MobileFun and this is what the box looks like, it’s a clear hard plastic box where you can have the first glimpse of the Leverage case, no hiding game here, Graft Concepts are proud of their product and don’t mind flaunting it.


The back of the box has instructions in English, Spanish and Chinese of how to go about using the case, there is a user manual leaflet inside the box, with instructions of how to install and remove the case. graft-concept-leverage-black-iphone-4-4s-case-review-9


The case can be used as bumper only, and you can easily remove the back plate.


Look and Feel: Graft Concepts Leverage Case Black for iPhone 4/4S

The USP of the product is the belt clasp type locking mechanism which is hard to miss even at the first glance. The case is artistically crafted and has sharp features which can’t be missed.


The Graft Concepts Leverage Case Black for iPhone 4/4S excluding the lever is made up of hard polycarbonate with a soft, matte finish on it, this is about the Black Case we’re talking about.


The feel of the case is absolutely gorgeous. Since it is a polycarbonate body, it is sturdy and won’t have any cosmetic changes too over time.


The level is made of metal which add lustre to the beautiful piece of art.


The optional Backplate is of the same material as the rest of the case, on the outside its soft matte finish while inside of it is glossy, the backplate can add a variety to the design, giving you an option to choose between a bumper case, or a full style case.

Installation and Usage: Graft Concepts Leverage Case Black for iPhone 4/4S

The case is easy to put on, it’s simple, you fit the bumper around your phone and then latch it with the lever and it hugs your phone. With the Backplate you will have to put in a minimal effort to ensure that the backplate fits well once done, it looks like a full-fledged case.

The cut outs are perfectly aligned, the mute switch and the volume button are easily accessible. However, people will larger thumbs may have trouble, it could be an issue if you use the volume button as the camera shortcut key.


There are proper cutouts for the headphone jack and the Noise cancellation mic. The headphone cutout could’ve been bigger, so you can use your L shaped headphones cords and thicker headphones.

One of the best features about the case is that the 30 pin dock connector has an even more interesting design that involve two “levels,” the top one flush with the rest of the case and in the shape of Apple’s larger, rounded dock connector. Inside, a rectangular hole the size of the actual port, pretty neat.


It adds a bit of a weight and bulk to the iPhone, we’re saying this because we used the world’s thinnest iPhone 4/4S case before this.

Protection: Graft Concepts Leverage Case Black for iPhone 4/4S

Once you hear it being polycarbonate you know you’re protected, this case offers scratch protection as well as drop protection to some extent. The case has a lip over the screen so you can place it onto a surface and not worry. For the ultimate protection, We recommend using a screen protector on the front and back of the iPhone.

If you’re expecting Military Grade protection, there are a lot of iPhone cases in the market offering that, not this one.

Verdict: 4/5 Stars: Graft Concepts Leverage Case Black for iPhone 4/4S

The case loses rating because of the accessibility of the headphones, regular uses cases lint and dust accumulation, if the latch breaks or detaches for some reason the case becomes useless.

Having said the above, we will definitely recommend this case because of its style, elegance and protection, it’s better using this case over a plastic bumper, as this gives you options to use it with or without the backplate.

We thank MobileFun for their kind gesture to send across this awesome iPhone 4S cover for review.

The DNetWorks Team