Tips to Create and Manage a Facebook Page Effectively

For most people, creating a Facebook page for business practice may sound alien, but the fact is, most corporate giants like Nike, Coke, Pepsi and Levis have all taken to social media networks to market and promote their products.

Opening an account with a popular social media site like Facebook is the first step taken to broaden your online experience and exposure. It also doubles as a valuable resource for educating and improving your ability to connect with existing clients and meet new ones with increased referrals.


Once you get the hang of it, it would be easy to setup and manage your own Facebook business pages yourself. It is possible to seek professional help from people from the same business line, they would be glad to share their expertise in the same business to promote your social media business to the next level.

After setting up your Facebook account which would involve completing a form with personal information and registering with Facebook. Most people tend to forget their Facebook account’s business page once this is done. Leaving your Facebook business page without any activity is as good as not creating it in the first place.

After your business page is set, it is mandatory to follow up on its content and design on a regular basis. This has to be done to reflect on what is currently going on in your business. There are many features available that are interactive and let you customize your business page to engage with customers and clients better.

An online marketing provider can help you customize your business page and to select custom tabs to set you apart from competition. Once all this is in place it is time to start interacting in a big way.

The first step would be to gather fans, this can be done by encouraging your friends and other business clients who have Facebook accounts to spread the word about your business to their network of friends and followers on Facebook. There are various methods that are particle and can assure you to grow your Facebook following.

First off, add social media icons on your website and include your Facebook URL on all your web pages wherever possible. Always include newsletters, brochures and mailers frequently. Most of your clients and customers would already be using Facebook and will be glad to become a fan of your page.

An integrated approach is required to incorporate socializing strategies for your website to increase the number of people following your business on Facebook and to manage your online brand image.

It is also important to regularly engage in posting fresh content on your Facebook page. Content can be anything from articles, business tips, pictures and images for promotion and video testimonials. Subscribe for automated blog management services from your marketing provider (online). The key to success is consistency, for any social media campaign.

Article by Guest Author: Samantha Kirk

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