Nokia Lumia 620 A Low-Cost Windows 8 Smartphone

Nokia has just announced the release of its low end Smartphone the Lumia 620 that comes in a range of brilliant colors, runs Windows Phone 8, and the price is affordable.

The phones though, are slated to be released only in the first quarter of the coming year 2013. The launch would initially cover the markets in Asia and Africa, and would later be extended to South America and Europe. Folks are eagerly awaiting the release as they are aware that any product from Nokia is well worth buying, as it is not only priced reasonably, but also features the latest in technology.

Smart features

The Lumia 620 is endowed with an acceptable 3.8-inch display with a screen resolution of 800 x 480, and a 1 Gigahertz Snapdragon s4 that has a dual core. The random access memory of 512 Megabytes is just about adequate. It sports a 5 Megapixel camera at the rear and has a Video Graphics Array or VGA camera at the front.


The near field connection and Bluetooth 3 make it ideal while you are on the move. The 8 Gigabytes of memory may not be ideal if you download many files, hence the option of microSD slot lets you expand the memory. The Lumia 620 tips the scales at 127 g, and the 11mm thickness makes it easier to hold. The Smartphone comes with an array of brilliantly colored cases in plastic, which are interchangeable.

Nokia informs that the Lumia 620 is to be made available in the four basic colors (black, yellow, cyan, and magenta) and also in the traditional white. In addition to these colors, Nokia thought it prudent to add two new colors that are a bit rare in Smartphones orange and lime green. There could be some takers for such colors, though not many. However, Nokia calls these two colors ‘Dual Shot’, something akin to dual tone, where the two colors come one on top of the other.

This is expected to give the phones new and deeper effects in addition to adding texture. It is assumed that the lime green ‘dual shot’ features the colors cyan and yellow, while red and yellow should add up to make the orange.

The predecessor to the Nokia Lumia 620 was the 510  that was priced lower. With a slightly larger screen measuring 4 inches and a similar resolution of 800 x 480 it was probably priced lower  in spite of the larger screen as the processor was a Snapdragon S1 has a single core unlike the 620 that has dual core. The Bluetooth was 2.1 and not 3.0 like the new version, though the camera and RAM were similar. The memory allotted was just half of the new version at 4 Gigabytes and ran Windows 7.5.

One does not expect Nokia to go any lower as far as specs are concerned for any future models, as far as Windows Phone devices are concerned. Though there are lower end Android phones that can pose stiff competition for Nokia and Microsoft alike.

Take for instance the Huawei that runs Android 4.0 and has similar features like a 4-inch screen and a resolution of 800 x 480. This phone though, is sold in mainland China. It has an A9 processor, dual core with 1 Gigahertz. The price is ridiculously low and is hardly half the price of the Nokia 510.

As Nokia is eyeing the Asian and African markets where its focus is more pronounced, it is imperative for them to keep the prices as low as they can go. However, they are unable to match the pricing of Android and one wonders what they will come up with next.

Article by Guest Author: Nicole Wilson

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