The Process of Increasing Video Viewerships

The need to increase video viewership has risen as most businesses have resorted to showcasing and marketing their products online. The various surveys conducted have a unanimous result that points to the fact that marketing through the Internet, using video presentations is on the rise and is here to stay.

The findings of Forrester Research shows a pattern where videos proved to be 50 times more likely to qualify for a first page ranking when compared to the regular text pages. A professional Video production impacts the audience and creates a powerful engaging experience.

This only means that people who have not already adopted such techniques, need to pull up their acts and fall in line.

Increasing Video Viewerships 2

The primary reason why people prefer to opt for video marketing is the low costs involved. It is comparatively inexpensive to create a video and post it on the Internet. Additionally, you are assured of better coverage and huge traffic that is diverted to your site.

You need to make a one-time investment on creating the video and presenting it. The recurring benefits that accrue are good and revenues impressive.  An online survey conducted by TurnHere dwelt on the prevailing trends and the outcome for the future and learnt that businesses are focusing on ways and means to increase viewership.

The core areas that they focused on were the benefits from branding their companies and the increased exposure to users on video sites.

One other notable point was the increased usage of the social media networking sites.

Most of the sites like Facebook and Twitter welcome posting of videos on their sites and urge users to post videos and share them with their friends and family.

So much so, that over 40% of the companies in the United States has decided to focus on social media sites as they have realized the great potential that lies within.

An important point to remember while posting your video is to have a catchy title for it. Just as you would rack your brains to come up with a title for your blog post, you need to be creative and give your best to your video title.

Include a couple of appropriate keywords, as this will grab the attention of a casual viewer. The keyword you use will show up on the searches made on the search engines, provided they are appropriate and often-used ones.

Additionally, since Google owns YouTube, the connection should not be ignored.

Just because yours is a video presentation, it does not mean that the content is not important.

Equal importance needs to be paid to the content. Especially for tutorials and how-to videos, the content makes all the difference. It is through the content that you can convey the mastery over the subject that you possess and the skill and knowledge that you are trying to propagate through the video.

You can use the video to create the initial curiosity in order to grab the attention of the viewer; however it’s the content that can sustain the interest and convert it into a valuable lead. Try to make the video short and catchy and follow it up with elaborate content that is rich and contains the appropriate keywords that will ultimately do the trick.

Another important point to remember when posting a video on the Web is to include your URL. Your video can carry a text box as well where you can display your website’s details, which gives you better exposure. If you can create a direct link that leads to your site, most viewers would prefer to get done with whatever they are searching for.

You cannot be sure if the interest will last after they are done watching the video.

Article by Guest Author: Roy Fernandez

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