Promote Your Book Using Facebook Timeline Features

Most of us are resistant to changes at least in the initial phases. Then when we come to learn about it and its benefits, we start to appreciate them. Similar is the case when Facebook came up with their timeline.

The social media has been a big hit among people of all ages and sex across the globe.

The timeline seemed to be a little difficult to use and less user friendly during the initial phases, but with time it seems to be more than just a timeline. If used efficiently and effectively Timeline can be of huge help.


One of the awesome uses of Timeline can be to promote your book, and here’s how:


Writers mostly love telling stories, stories of others and everything else. But there are people who love to know about the writer too. Use the ‘Milestone’ to do just that. Put pictures of the first something you wrote, your first printed or published write-up. Use vivid and detailed account of your achievements one milestone at a time. Slowly build up your story of creativity, and the book that you want to promote. Publish the funny incidents surrounding the book and the inspiration behind it. This will help the readers have an insight of you and the book too. That actually becomes a promo for the book.


Upload the cover photo of your book, and use it as your cover photo for the Timeline. The large banner-style image will attract the visitors’ attention, as that is the first thing he or she will see displayed at the very top of your timeline.
This also will help the visitor to identify the book in the store as well.
You may or may not use your photo for the profile picture; you may also choose to use photographs of the book for the same.


In the timeline you can add some more illustrations from the book, if it has some. You can add some pages to make an interesting read, or keep the interest going.
You can also create a page for the book in Facebook and post the link on your timeline.


Post links and reviews of the links if has already been published. In case it is on the verge of being published or release, post relevant links and reviews.

Also posting links of teasers with excerpts from the book can be a good idea to kindle interest among would be readers.

Also adding links where they readers can find the book online e.g.; Amazon and other similar sites can also be a good idea.


Update regularly about the latest news or milestones the book has had. If you have a reading session in some store, update that and once it is over, replace it with a video of the session.

If the book has been selected or nominated for any literary award, highlight and mention that too. Recognition seems to be one major driving force in promoting a book’s sales.


Use the about section to tell the visitors about your past titles if any, and about your future projects. That helps a lot in establishing your credibility and brand as an author.


This brand new feature on the timeline will help you understand the traffic in details. It will also help you understand what is engaging the visitors and the type of visitor you are having in maximum numbers as well as low in number. All these data can be used to interpret and chalk out new avenues to promote your book.


This feature helps you to interact directly to fan mails and queries. Direct interaction with fans makes you more popular and this is a must use feature in the new Facebook Timeline.

But make sure to use some help once the number of fans go beyond your ability to handle.


Using highlight option for your post will really make the post span both columns of the Timeline layout. The increased font size will help the words seem to be jumping out of the page, and do what it is supposed to do grab attention.



The Facebook timeline is good, it has a lot of advantage and potential that needs to tapped and taken. Use it efficiently and effectively not only to promote your book, but also to promote you as a brand. You can also take some professional help to attain that. You are surely going to love the way it works wonders.

Article by Guest Author: Alia Haley

Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and blogging. She contributes to Equity Trust Company Complaints