Five Mobile Apps to Aid Reluctant Grocery Shoppers

Apps are everywhere these days and they make life considerably easier in nearly every conceivable way.  Shopping is no exception and for those who find the grocery shopping a bit of a chore, the range of apps available to help you along the way should make the process a little easier.  Here are some of the best.

No, Don’t Eat that

Anyone with kids will be familiar with the phrase “no, don’t eat that”.  Perhaps this was the inspiration for iTunes with their “Don’t Eat That” app.  Like all the best apps this one is designed to solve one of the more complex problems in life; what exactly is in the food we eat.  Labelling on food has become more complex over the last thirty years, thanks to a host of regulations.

If you are at all concerned about what goes into your food, then this is the app for you.  The app contains info on 1500 additives and common ingredients with advice as to their safety or otherwise.  This should not only make shopping easier but reduce the necessity to take a degree in the art of food labelling.


The shopping list is the secret weapon of the frugally minded.  It’s an old piece of technology that’s been in use for millennia.  If you stick to it, you can control your budget and your diet extremely effectively. It was only a matter of time before the digital version was going to appear and they’ve already been pioneered by the supermarket gang.

The “Shopper” app is a great and extremely useful version of the digital shopping list.  It comes pre-loaded with a basic list of groceries but you can create your own easily.  If the app doesn’t contain an item you can just create it yourself and the real value in this app is that you can organise your list to mimic the layout of your favourite grocery store, or shopping route.

Waistlines can go up as well as down, and they do.

One common problem for many of us who love our grub is the waistline issue.  Waistlines don’t have a habit of going and staying down on their own, and calorie counting is a crucial part of healthy eating and dieting.

“Lose it” is a great app to help you keep an eye on the pounds of both varieties.  Allowing you to enter the details of your daily food intake as it happens “Lose It” helps you to monitor in real time your calorie consumption.  Basically a food diary it’s an easy way to create a record and monitor your progress.

In addition, you can track exercise, which then balances out your calories in and your calories “out” which is a really helpful tool.  According to the company’s own website, 86 per cent of their users have lost weight.

The Culinary Front Line

Only my newest recipe books don’t display some signs of their active deployment in my cookery experiments.  An ancient Delia has lost her cover and is so badly stained, on some pages, as to render her more or less useless.

Thankfully the “Digital Recipe Sidekick” app has finally come along, to make following a recipe for a new dish easier than ever before.  You can import recipes from the web, from a memory card and you can edit them too.  The real beauty is that the app reads the recipes out to you, prompted by voice commands.

The cooking won’t be hands off but at least your hands will be free to get on with creating the masterpiece.

Learning the Basics

Recipes are great but if you don’t know your hollandaise from your mayonnaise they can be a little mysterious.  For those new to the not so dark arts of cookery, the “How to Cook Everything”, is a must.

Based on the book of the same name by New York Times columnist, Mark Bittman, the app really does do what it says on the cover.  It contains over 2000 recipes but it’s the “how-to” bit that is important here for the newbie, explaining all the tricks of the trade required to become a domestic goddess or god, in the kitchen department at least.

While the internet offers everything from fresh fruit delivery to restaurant listings, the app has evolved even further, to make shopping, cooking and even dieting easy and accessible activities for all.

Carlo Pandian is a freelance writer and blogs on food, technology and shopping covering everything from groceries online by Milk & More to types of German breads. When he’s not online, he likes cooking Italian food and source traditional products from farms across UK.

The DNetWorks Team