Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie – Rumors Roundup

We’re so used to Google and its Android updates that we can’t wait for the next round to arrive already. There was Android 4.0 in 2011 and the 4.1 Jelly Bean in July of this year

We’re hoping to see the 4.2 version or the 5.0; we’re not sure what it’s going to be called, soon. Key Lime Pie, as the operating system is codenamed promises to be delicious. Here’s what we think we know so far.

Google is bound to show off Google Now with great features like help on downloads and Bluetooth and also, Project Roadrunner, its battery saving technology.

We should see a better Play store and an advanced video player. Google is working on better security with the Key Lime Pie, which will include protecting the device from messaging scams.

Security will also come in the form of VPN Lockdown, SELinux and SMS confirmation

Key lime pie1

Here are some of the other rumors we’re working with:

  • Social network assistance- There’s enough support from hardware manufacturers for social media sites that run on Android. There are enough features, apps and widgets to help out even the most die-hard social media addict there is.
    LG and Sony do a great job of incorporating Facebook into their phones and hopefully Key Lime Pie will go beyond Google+.
  • Performance Parameters- Key Lime Pie could start making things easy to manage different activities and functions. Sort of like the Blocking Mode on the Samsung, we could see better power delivery or optimum power for data connections and so on.
  • Unified devices platform- If you’re an Android fan, you probably own more than one Android device. Perhaps Key Lime Pie can address those annoying coverage issues that crop up from time to time and plague users everywhere. For instance, it would be great if the OS fixed the Videos application that doesn’t work at optimum levels between devices.
  • Applications- Staying with video, the video chat application seems to be sorely lacking in most devices that run on Android. This despite the fact that they come with amazing front facing cameras!  Why would a user need to download Skype or some sort of chat application if Google’s Key Lime pie could find a video chat application itself.  Think about what this could mean for Apple’s Face Time!
  • SMS sync across devices- If you have more than one phone, but only one SIM card, keeping track of your text messages could be a fine art! It would be great if Key Lime Pie could store texts on the SIM card or through cloud or through and SD card and save us the heartache of discovering we have lost an important message.
  • Codes- Android could gain a lot from distributing promotional codes when they offer free or review versions of applications. It would also help keep the competition on its toes and get the developers to think twice before they give away applications even before Google does. Hopefully Google’s Key Lime Pie will consider application previews as well.
  • Keyboard options- Imagine if a QWERT keyboard could come with a line drawing text input we are hoping Key Lime Pie would integrate the two just like HTC and Sony have done. Having a choice is always a good thing.
  • Update options- Speaking about choice, sometimes we may not want to update to the next version of Android. Key Lime Pie should come with a ‘never update’ option or give us the choice to manually update.
  • Contacts Key Lime Pie should allow us to email or text a group of our friends rather than us selecting one and adding more names one after the other. It would save up time and effort and go a long way in making this version of the operating system even more popular.

There’s a lot to look forward to with the Key Lime Pie. Let’s see how delicious it really gets.

Article by Guest Author: Sandy Coops

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