[November 2012 Giveaway] HTC BB G400 Battery Bank: Charge your Phone/Tablet On-the-Go

We reviewed the HTC Battery Bank a few weeks ago and we got quite a few email regarding the availability of the gadget and how they can buy it.

The Answer: You can Either go to MobileFun and purchase it or Win it right here on this very Page.

The HTC BB 6400 Battery Bank is a very useful gadget to charge your phones on the go, since it is from HTC it doesn’t imply that you can only charge HTC phones, you can charge any phones/Tablets even MP3 players if you will.


Check out the HTC BB G400 Battery Bank Review here and you will know

Its a simple contest, follow the instructions, earn points and Win the Battery Bank, the giveaway is powered by The DNetWorks, MobileFun and Cakes and Cupcakes Mumbai
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Any problems with the contest, feel free to write to us or contact us on Facebook

Best of luck to Everyone

The DNetWorks Team

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