[Review] X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, Emergency Battery Charger and Phone Stand

Ever wanted a Portable Speaker for your phone? If you already have one, are you concerned about it being bulky, needs charging more often and the quality of sound not being that great?

Introducing, X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker with a Battery charger and a Phone Stand, this unique designed brushed metal gadget gives you more than you expect. X-Power was sent to us by Mobile Fun.

What’s in the Box?

The box itself has a futuristic look, this black coloured box has an excellent look and feel.

Once you open the box, you will find the X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, Battery Charger and Stand and a USB cable to charge the X-Power, the USB is standard USB and a User Manual.

Looks and First Impression: X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, Battery Charger and Stand

The X-Power looks like a Cylindrical Rod and is a bit on the heavier side, remember it has a speaker, a 2200 mAh charger and act as a phone stand, it has a brushed aluminium body and has ‘XDREAM | X-Power’ etched on it, on further inspection, you will find 4 LEDs that glow when you’re charging the gadget to indicate the below of power left in it.

We absolutely loved the way it is designed, looks right out of a Sci-Fi Hollywood movie.

On the top the X-Power there is a rotating cover that unveils the USB Slot and a Standard 3.5mm jack to connect your phone directly and play music, the USB slot is to charge the X-Power and also use the charge to power the Speaker.

This is how it looks when you swirl the top cap it acts as a stand as well, see photos below

At the other end is the speaker that outputs the music you play when your phone or other gadgets are connected, at first when we saw the X-Power, we thought that it will just be a normal speaker with Average sound quality and its USP will be the portable charger but when we played music, the sound quality was extremely wonderful and the amplification was more than what we expected, it is not explicitly noted anywhere but it feels like there is a Sub-Woofer in there somewhere and we suspect it to be at the end where the USB slot is.


Usage: X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, Battery Charger and Stand

In order to use the speaker, all you have to do is, swirl the top and connect the phone via the 3.5mm Jack, and let it rest on the X-Power, yes, that way it acts like a Stand while playing the music, running out of power? Use the iPhone cable and connect one it to the Standard USB on the X-Power speaker and the other end to the iPhone and see it charge while you’re listening to your favourite music.

Description: X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, Battery Charger and Stand

Portable speaker, desk stand and emergency charger all in 1

The X-Power is a 3-in-1 portable speaker, charger and desk stand for your mobile phone, tablet computer or MP3 player.  It allows you to play music through the speaker, whilst docking your device at a convenient and easy-to-view angle so you can still access the internet, emails and text messages without having to hold your phone or removing it from the speaker.  It cleverly detects any device’s audio signal and turns itself on or off accordingly, saving battery power.
Built in USB port to charge your device

The X-Power also has a built in USB port which allows you to connect any USB cable to your device and it’ll keep your device charged up whilst you’re listening to your tunes. The X-Power features a 2200mAh lithium battery which has enough power to give a typical smartphone one full charge from empty.  The X-Power itself can be re-charged with the included lead.

Enjoy your music at high volumes with the high quality speaker

The high quality speaker allows you to enjoy your music at high volumes so you can enjoy your music the way that it’s meant to be heard – loud and clear! The end of the X-Power rotates and automatically details any audio signal which turns the speaker on.  If the X-Power detects no audio signal, it will automatically turn the speaker off saving the battery.

Universal compatibility

The speaker is designed to work with any device which features a 3.5mm audio socket, meaning not only will it work with most handsets, but will work with tablets and MP3 players too. Being 3.5mm, the X-Power has universal compatiblity, meaning if you change your device. you won’t have to change the X-Power.

Specifications: X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, Battery Charger and Stand

  • Portable speaker, Desk stand and emergency charger all in 1 product
  • Built-in 2200 mAh universal emergency battery
  • Powerful speaker to enjoy music at high volumes
  • Compatible with any device with a 3.5mm audio socket

Final Words

X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, Battery Charger and Stand is an amazing device at the price that it is available, you could connect variety of phones, MP3 Players and even Tablets, the one requirement is a 3.5mm slot and it will play your Music and it will charge your phone while you listen to it, along with it you use it as a stand doing all of the above.

We tried several devices and had no problems with or without the cases on them.

There are no ON/OFF Switches on the gadgets, it automatically senses the the Audio signals and turns ON/OFF accordingly. While using the X-Power the LEDs glows and show you the amount of power left on it, we once use it as a emergency charger and our iPhone’s battery doubled.

The gadget looks Fab, the sound quality is above average although it has a Mono speaker, and as suspected before, there may be a sub-woofer at the other end too.

We have to say it is one of the most unique products we’ve reviewed in a long time, actually, we love devices and gadgets doing multiple things, extracting every inch of power and space they have on it.

For more phone charger and speakers, visit MobileFun.co.uk

HUGE thumbs up for the X-Power 3-in-1 Speaker, Battery Charger and Phone stand

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