Top 5 Gifts for Men This Christmas – Gadget Edition

Christmas is around the corner and that means there is plenty of shopping to do! Men are always hard to buy for so it’s important you take your time on deciding what to buy for a man. Below is a list of the Top 5 Gifts for Men this Christmas, use this list to help pick which gadget to buy for men this year.

Camera Lens Cup Mug

The Camera Len Cup Mug is the perfect companion for any man this Christmas. This stylish mug is disguised as a Canon EF 24-1055mm camera lens but it’s actually just a mug you can drink your tea from. The lid also works as a coaster or just somewhere to store your biscuits.

This gag gift mug is a great gadget for men who are lovers of hot drinks, photography or jut likes to be centre of attention at the office!

Self Stirring Mug – For seriously lazy people

Another great Mug creation, but this   one is mainly just for the lazy! Stirring your tea can sometimes be a bit of a distraction when you’re trying to do something else or have lots of tea to make. So this great Self Stirring Mug comes in handy! The self stirring mug looks like just any normal mug, except when you press the button on the handle, the mug will start stirring your drink. These mugs make great gifts for men, especially at Christmas.

Barking Key finder Key Ring with Torch

How many times do men forget where they put their keys? The answer is a lot and they’ll usually blame you for hiding them. If they were to have the Barking Dog Key Finder on their keys, all they’d have to do it clap 3 times and the loyal Scottie dog will start barking!  The key ring even has a torch on it which is great for when you’re trying to unlock your car in the dark. This is another must have gift for men. This great gadget makes it fun to lose your keys, just don’t take it to a place where there is a lot of clapping otherwise your keys will go barking mad!

Practical Joke Talking Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet humour is always funny, especially when it’s personalised. The Talking Toilet Paper Holder is one of the funniest gifts for men this Christmas. You can record a 9 second long message and the next time someone takes some toilet paper, the message will be played to them. This is great for creeping out a friend, reminding somebody something or just telling a loved one how you feel.

It’s even great to remind the kids to tidy up in the bathroom after themselves!

Mini Pool Table

This table really is miniature, but it brings the same amount of fun as a real sized one would if not more! This Mini Pool Table is a great gift for men that have time to spare at work and fancy a quick game or if you have a score to settle at home and want to use pool as the decider. The pool table comes with everything you need to play a game against someone. As the table is so small it’s easy to store, pop it into your office desk drawer or under a table.

Article by Guest Author: Lewis Morgan

Lewis Morgan is a gadget enthusiast and is always looking for cheap gifts for men, women and children. You can find some of Lewis’s favourite gadgets here  in the Gifts for Men Section

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