BBM Voice, Calls between BBM users via Wi-Fi

After the announcement of the launch of BBM 10 mobile operating system for Blackberry devices, RIM wants to get back in the game and has declared that its popular messaging service, BBM will be updated to Version 7 with host of exciting features.

BBM 7.0 will not only allow text messaging but also Voice, they’ve named this BBM Voice, a free Wi-Fi calling option between BBM users, Much like what BBM actually started for, that helped users save on text messaging cost, the BBM Voice aims to achieve just that for voice calls too, it is a huge addition to the BBM real-time chat app, a service that T.A. McCann, RIM’s VP of BBM and Social Communities says “we pioneered and is now being copied by many.” The Beta is out already.


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BBM Voice seems to be integrated to the app, users will see an icon representing the voice availability of BBM contacts on their phone, simply pressing a dial button will place a call over Wi-Fi, They can use Chat at the same time, enable voice on Speakerphone and so on.

16 new emoticons have been included to the new suite along with the In-App Upgrade notification, BBM info (name, picture, contacts, groups) is not linked directly to your BBID, making the switching/upgrading Blackberries easier and less frustrating.

BBM 7.0 will be available “before the end of the year,” but if you’re the nerdy types and want to give it a spin you can head on over to the Beta Zone and download BBM version 7.0 and BBM Voice.

The DNetWorks Team