Surround Sound Quality with Your Smartphone

If you were born this century, you might need to punch in boombox in Google just to see what it is. For anyone older, you probably thought that boomboxes had died during the early 1990s.

However the latest innovation has made boomboxes a unique part of listening to music using your smartphone. As they say, most things eventually come back in fashion after a while. Today most people other than maybe your parents listen to music that has MP3 capabilities. That is why you will surely love the Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker that will allow you to listen to all your MP3s with improved sound quality without any wires or Bluetooth.


Now you can forget needless wires that get in the way. This stylish smartphone speaker takes the music from your phone or media player and amplifies it into room-filling sound. All you need to do is to place your phone on top of the speaker. Not to mention that there is no need for wires, docking, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It can even be used as a projector while watching your favorite movies without having to sync drivers or devices.

The Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker is compact and is easy to transport when you go to the beach or want to jam near the pool. However be careful that your phone doesn’t get too close to the water. A waterproof phone would be a great invention for Apple or Samsung to come up with. This speaker allows up to 20 hours of continuous playback and can keep you entertained from day to night.

This retro technology comes in black or white and will only cost you $72.29.  In order to use these wireless speakers you will need three AA batteries. Unfortunately they are not included with the speakers. Anyone who wants to save their batteries can plug the speakers in using a USB cord. 

The Boombero offers amazing surround sound quality. It will shock your senses. Probably you never thought that you could get high quality surround sound using your smartphone and wireless speakers. The advantages of wireless speakers that can be used with your smartphone are endless.

Don’t hesitate any longer to get a hold of the Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker. Just have it in your car anytime you are on the go and you will get amazing sound quality. No matter whether you are having a dance party in your dorm room or under the stars, this device will come in handy. You might also use it when you are laying under the stars with that special someone in your life.

In the future, not only will you not be able to leave home without your smartphone, but you better be sure that you have the Boombero Near Field Audio Speaker with you as well.


•Wireless operation for instant audio play

•Audio line-in to use with music devices without built-in speaker

•Portrait or landscape phone stand with wireless speaker

•Approximately 20 hours of continuous playtime

Article by Guest Author: Rob Pell

This article was written by Rob Pell on behalf of Simplifydigital. Simplifydigital are Ofcom accredited and provide independent advice to consumers looking for the right broadband, TV and home phone packages.

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