Nikon Shows Off D5200 39-point AF DSLR Camera

Nikon has been quite busy this year; the D5200 is the fifth one that will be rolled out in 2012, in December.

It is of course, one up on the D5100, and includes several features found in the higher end D7000. At first glance though, it looks almost exactly like the 5100.

One of the snazzy features is the 39 point autofocus system (which makes it easy to track moving objects, and enables better focusing) and the other, the RGB metering sensor of 2016 pixels. This means that you can expect enhanced auto white balancing and exposure values than its predecessor, the D5100.


Jeff Becker says, the camera also incorporates the scene recognition the D7000 has; this receives info from the RGB sensor, and the optimum autofocus, white balance and exposure is configured just before the shutter releases.

Its main image sensor is a new DX format chip that packs 24.1 MPs, so you are pretty sure to go shutter happy with this clicker. This sensor’s ISO range is between 160 and 6400, and it is extensible to 6400 with Nikon’s Hi2 mode. This feature will allow you to take great pictures in dim lighting and clear capture of speedily moving objects. Some new processing filters have also been included in this latest offering from the Japanese company.

You might want to stock up on some good memory cards or invest in an external hard disk to store your precious digital memories.

As of yet, pricing is not available for this model. The company has also said that the production of the D7000 and the D5100 will continue as before. So the D5200 will be another mid level DSLR in Nikon’s repertoire.

The camera’s Xpeed 3 processor enables it to click five shots in one second, and provides rich color reproduction.

There is also a new GUI that is easier on the eyes and easier to operate than the previous one, and the two options you have are graphic and classic.

It can record 1080p video at 60 frames per second, and has much better sound with the new stereo mike.

You can also receive pictures from the camera wirelessly on your Smartphone (Android and iOS) with a WU-1a adapter. This will also let you control the shutter remotely.

The D5200 retains the flexible (it actually flips, swivels and turns) 921k dot resolution TFT LCD screen of the D5100; this makes it possible for you to hold the camera far away from you, and any which way, and still be able to get the perfect shot. It might make the camera a tad unwieldy though. To adjust white balance and ISO settings, you may have to play around with the menus.

You can apply special effects like Silhouette, Color Sketch, Miniature and others to make your shots more picturesque.

Bored with matte black? Nikon offers this camera in glossy bronze and shiny red too.

Nikon spokespersons claim that this camera is perfect for those who love photography and want to take quality pictures without investing in an ultra expensive DSLR. The camera has great features that wannabe photographers can experiment with and showcase their creativity.

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