Android users can now Install Apps via Google+

Google has pushed out a new feature where Android users can directly install apps right from the streams of Google+ to their phone. Great way to try out apps recommended by people you follow, without leave the Google+ and going to the Play Store.


Google+ is building an Eco-system around it with Google search also being influenced by it, this new way of finding apps is one of the most innovative things Google has done this year, it is NOT a major update but it makes sense to have it.

As the number of Android apps grows, and the difficulty of finding good ones increases, it’s important that Google implements features into Google+ to make discovery — and acquisition — easier on the user.

When you click on the Install button in the Google+ Feed, a pop-up with a list of compatible devices associated with your Google account shows up, simply select one of them and it magically pushes the app to your phone.

Want to try it out live? Follow this link, Want to share an App on Google+, simply share the Play Store link and Google+ will take care of the rest.

The DNetWorks Team