Comment on a Comment on Facebook, Soon!

The largest Social Network on Earth, Facebook has over 1 billion active users, Mark Zuckerburg informed a few days ago, Facebook has tremendously improved the experience since the time it launched and there is no doubt about it, a lot of services have come in, like the Wall, Messages, Maps, Open Graph, Timeline and more.


Facebook has been evolving over time to meet the demands of the users, with the latest addition to the features it boasts, the users will now be able to comment on a comment in addition to like on the comments that is currently available, Mashable reports

Facebook is also working on a sound based altering system, when you receive a message or someone posts something to your timeline, we are not sure though if the idea will come into fruition, however, the threaded comment looks like it is on the verge of going live for everyone.

If it does, it will help a lot of people eradicate the confusion that currently happens, where you have to actually ask the person to know if the comment they made was for you or someone else.

For now, the feature is available on websites that implement Facebook comments, where, if you want to reply to a users comment, all you have to do is, hit the reply button on the comment, which, is reported to be available on Facebook too.

The DNetWorks Team