Nexus 7 Tab explodes, Users get a new one and a pair of Google Glasses

An Asus Google Nexus 7 Tab has reportedly exploded spontaneously as it was being charged plugged to its wall charger.

The posted a few posted on one fo the Chinese forums, claimed that she left the Tab on charging fora bout 3 hours using the OEM charger provided along before it spontaneously combusted. Oh and as you know these kind of news spread like wild-fire, however, it looks like a legitimate case. In fact, ASUS has already sent out a fresh replacement for the Tablet.

According to CNET, the owner now also gets a free pair of Google Glasses when it releases, we are not too sure if you may get those glasses as well, if that is to happen to your Nexus Tab, Google Glasses or not, it looks like ASUS is fairly willing to bet this is going to be a one time event by providing a free replacement.

Similar thing happened to an iPhone in an Australian Flight, what with devices exploding, are we carrying a Pocket Sized Bombs all the time?

The DNetWorks Team