Google Now tracks Shipments, Miles Walked/Biked, Near-by attractions and more

Google Now is an amazing addition to the Google Ecosystem, the first version came in with the Jelly Bean update which tracked weather, sports, traffic and more.

Google Now tracking miles walked / Bike’d with an in-built Pedometer

With the newest update to Google Now, some people have reported that Google has integrated a Pedometer to it which now shows you how much you’ve walked for a month.

Google Now Shipment Card

Like Google mail, if you’ve received a Shipping Information, it will report your packaging after tracking it on a new Card inside Google Now.

Google Now Stocks Card

This has been around for a while, but with the new update the UI is improved with the addition of the graph for your added stocks in real-time. 


Google Now Weather Warning, Near-by Attraction and Popular Photo spot Nearby

With Google Now, my Girlfriend is just loving Jelly Bean, it makes life easier for her, and she is happy dissing the Blackberry on my suggestion.

1 Karma point for me.

Have you been using Google Now? Do you like it? What would you like it to have? Maybe Google is reading this, comment below

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