5 unusual apps for iPhone

It is said that there’re mobile applications for everything. It’s hard to check if this is true or not, but sometimes in app stores you may find really interesting, unusual and useful applications. Here’re 5 most unusual iPhone apps I’ve encountered.

Meal Snap

This app will be a great assistant for those who care about their figures but are tired of counting the calories. All you need to do is to make a picture of your supposed meal. The app will count the number of calories in your meal. By the way, according to iTunes reviews, it counts calories precisely enough. Apart from that, Meal Snap can automatically detect the products on your plate. This may be useful if you’re served an unknown dish.

Augmented Driving

Modern cars of extra class have a lot of different systems that make the process of driving as safe and comfortable as possible, telling about all the possible hindrances and problems on the road. The drivers of the old and less luxurious cars may also enjoy such systems by using the application Augmented Driving. This app uses the camera of your smartphone to recognize the objects on the road and to suggest the best actions depending on the situation on the road.


HUD (head-up-display) systems for automobiles are very promising. They provide all the necessary information for a driver right on a windshield, thus letting a driver not to distract attention from the road. Unfortunately, they are still very expensive. To use a smartphone with necessary software is much cheaper. If your smartphone has GPS, access to the Internet and camera (which most of modern smartphones have), then it can watch your speed limit, watch the situations on the roads and tell you about police cameras. And if you put a smartphone under the windshield, then this application will project all the information right on the windshield.

Metal Detector

Due to the built-in magnetometer, the iPhones from 3GS and later models can be used as radio-meter locators for searching for metal things, mobile phones, etc. Because of the peculiarities of the magnetic sensor in the iPhone the app is able to detect only magnetic metals: iron, steel, cast iron, etc.


This application has only one function, but when a person whose birthday it is blows the candles with his or her iPhone it looks at least unusual and funny. In fact, after launching the application your iPhone is turned into a small fan, which can blow out candles, dust or refresh you in hot weather. For better effect there’s a small propeller on a screen when the app is launched.

Article by Guest Author: Eugene Rudenko

Eugene Rudenko is a tech writer for IT company Intellectsoft. The company specializes in Android, iOS, Blackberry and WP development.

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