Casemate POP Samsung Galaxy Nexus Case Review

If you’re one of those whose phone falls off/slips off easily we would recommend using a sturdy case for your phone, especially if you have a costly device with a huge touchscreen, that you take around the whole day.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is one helluva slippery device due to its plasticky body, one slip and the phone’s screen or the touchscreen bezel can be damaged which could set aback some cash for repaired, rather use a Case to protect it.

We’re reviewing one of the most promising cases we have for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the Casemate POP Case, provided to us by MobileFun for reviewing purpose.

We used the Casemate POP Case on our Galaxy Nexus for a good 10 days and tested it out in the best way possible, with normal usage, silly drops and more, so here is our findings.

The Packaging for Casemate POP for Galaxy Nexus

The packaging is like any other package you get when you buy a Casemate product, the usual logo and stickers in the front showcasing compatibility of the case etc.

There is a see-through plastic cover on the Case which gives you a glimpse of the beautiful looking White Casemate POP Case

On the back of the package are some of the features that the case has along with the legal stuffs regarding CaseMate, its logo and trademark.

The Casemate POP Galaxy Nexus Case

The first thing you notice is that its made up of 2 different materials, Rubber and Plastic, a hard plastic shell with a soft rubber-grip. material. It is light-weight but remarkably tough.

As stated before it’s a wonder blend of hard plastic case and a soft rubber-grip material which makes you phone impact resistant. The case has 2-tone color, a combination of white and grey to create a nice POP as they call it.

The rubber side enhances the grip and it holds the front side too! so you can place the phone screen down, without fearing of it being scratched. In case the phone drops screen-facing downwards, it wouldn’t shatter the touchscreen, the case will take the impact well, the rubbery materials on the interior is a high quality and can take impacts without damaging the phone.

The interior soft-plastic has a funky design and the words “Happiness by design”, how awesome is that?

We think it is as tough as a Otterbox Commuter case for Galaxy Nexus and is better looking, sleek and stylish.


To encase your Galaxy Nexus simply slide it and work the rubber plastic around the front of the device. Have an extended battery? The Case fits well with it too!


We’ve used Otterbox, Amzer and Casemate POP and if you what the best of both the world, Casemate POP is for you. While the Otterbox provides great protection, it’s not a looker, the Amzer cases look good but they’re not as protective as the Otterbox or Casemate POP cases

You don’t have to remove your Galaxy Nexus out of the case to get it to charge since there is a cut-out for the Micro USB Port, along with Headphones jack, Speaker and Microphone. You won’t be able to use the phone dock with this case though.

The power and volume Rockers are covered with the rubber grip and it sometimes has a delay, ONLY at times that is.

The case rarely picks up dust or lint, like the other protective cases around not only for Galaxy Nexus but for all phones.

You can use the case in-conjunction with a screen protector and let go the carefulness you used to handle your phone with. Highly Recommended for everyone especially due to the looks-protection combo.

Is it Bulkier?

Yes, it does add up to the Size, but that’s the trade-off for protection, The case itself weighs 36 gms, so adding that weight to the Galaxy Nexus GSM weight, the total weight with the case with be 179 gms.


  • Raised front edges makes the phone safe to lay screen-facing
  • Camera cut out with extra protection, helps prevent damage
  • Comfortable grip
  • Looks stylish
  • Cut-outs for various outlets
  • Doesn’t  gather lint/dust
  • Works with the extended battery and cover


  • Since the plastic area is shiny it can easily be scratched
  • It picks fingerprints easily too
  • If you have a L-Jack for your headphones you may have problem using it with this case

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The DNetWorks Team