How to turn your Android phone into a webcam

We all want to take full advantage of the expanding technology system, the most prominent features the internet is offering today
is, easy communication.

Many of us love to communication with our families and peeps almost every minute, nowadays instant messengers has made things easy by offering you a video chat with your friends. Unfortunately, some computers are not packed with webcams, especially the desktop.

Most laptops that have webcam come with a trial version cam manager, and when this expires, you will be unable to make use of your webcam.

If you fall within this category or to use the simpler word, you have got no webcam to make a video chat with your friends; this is good news for you as your android phone can become a webcam.

DroidCam is software that can manage you Android camera through your PC, the program was developed in 2010 by Dev47Apps when it came out with the version 2.0, but this is 2012, it has upgraded to version 3.5, the application supports Windows and Linux.

You can use your Android 2.0 and above with the DroidCam application. The DroidCam enables your Android camera to work as a wireless webcam or IP Cam.

Most Android phone comes with a front and a rear camera, you are to enable the one you will like to use, but the rear camera usually comes with powerful pixels, so it is preferred.

  • Download the DroidCam software to your computer and install; you may be prompt to also install the microphone driver while the installation is running.
  • The other part of the application should be downloaded on your phone through the Google Play.
  • Open the instant messenger program you intend to use with the webcam and choose DroidCam for webcam and microphone.
  • Then start the application from Menu >> DroidCam and wait for the device while it loads.
  • Now go to your smartphone, enter the Android market and search for DroidCam, you will get the latest updated version, download and install on your Android smartphone.
  • Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network; make sure you are connected to the home network.
  • Launch the DroidCam application on your phone and tap “connect”. An IP list that has been saved will come up on the screen, if any is available.
  • Tap the “Add new”, input the description and your computer IP.
  • After saving it, tap the “connect button”. It will immediately give you “connected” on your computer screen if nothing went wrong.
  • Now start the instant messenger on your computer, and you will see a live video running using the camera on the Android phone.
  • Start a video chat with your friend.

The DroidCam application works with instant messengers like Skype, Yahoo, MSN, Live etc.

Note: This method is battery consuming, it is better you connect a charger to your Android smartphone while you chat using the camera.

Article by Guest Author: Konga Felix

Konga Felix is an entrepreneur and a blogger, he spent time to compare the services of different Payday, loan service and tries to check out is gets qualify to get a loan.

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