iOS 6 Security and Privacy Improvements

Apple’s recent operating system, iOS 6, kicked the previous iOS far back into the past with some brand new features, apps and improvements. Among the 200 new features of iOS 6, some of the most popular developments are the brand new security and privacy upgrades. Keeping our minds at ease and our iPhone safe.

Here are the top security improvements Apple has brought out on the new iOS 6:


Lost Mode

Taking Find My iPhone to a whole new level, with iOS 6’s new Lost Mode, you are able to send an open-ended text message to your stolen phone to ask the finder to return it or even make it play a sound if you’ve just misplaced it somewhere nearby. It’s a great option for the forgetful or when someone gets a case of sticky fingers.

You can also simply send a phone number to your lost device, automatically asking the finder to call it once found.  Lost Mode will also lock your device, disabling them to look through any of your information, except the sent contact number and an optional message, if you’ve decided to send one. Lost Mode is definitely my favourite and most useful iOS 6 improvement by far.

Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization

Even though only the brainiacs really understand that mouthful, it’s a huge improvement and something we can all appreciate. Basically, and we mean very basically, it means that now hackers will find it ten times harder to access your iPhone information as the once static data addresses, now are on a continuously changing rotator.

So possibilities of your iPhone getting hacked are not only reduced, but almost completely annihilated. Note that we said “almost”, as there are always new ways for hackers to get into your devices. But with iOS6 we can breathe a sigh of relief, as the changes of that happening are adequately reduced. Take that, cyber criminals!

More Granulated Privacy Control

Yet another brainteaser feature name that will definitely come in use.  But here’s something you might not have known; did you know that all those apps you collect, especially the free ones, may collect information from your iPhone without your knowledge?

Quite scary indeed. Well Apple has put a plan in place with this feature to hopefully reduce this problem, by making your app’s activities more transparent.

Now apps can only access your contacts, calendar, photos etc. with your permission. No more will our own entertainment steal precious information from right under our noses. So make sure you pay attention to your privacy settings after you upgrade to iOS 6, and read every popup you receive, no matter how annoying they may get.

Apple is just trying to help keep your info safe, and so should you. So go ahead and download that new Angry Birds game, no need to fret over privacy concerns. Apple’s got your back!

You Control Who Sees What

Along with the previous mentioned feature, Apple has allowed it for iOS 6 users to customize and view all activity on their iDevice without anything slipping through the cracks.

You can now easily control your privacy settings in the Settings app, under the Privacy options. Each app you download, even the pre-loaded apps, can be set and controlled from here. Slide the slider on or off to manage the way your app behaves and how it affects your mobile experience. Putting the power back in our hands, easily and quickly!

All in all, Apple has given us something really special with iOS 6, not only helping to keep our iDevices safe and secure but also some great entertainment and user features to keep us busy and make our experience all the more merrier, reliable and satisfying.

Make sure to successfully backup your device before updating and fully reinstall your previous data before exploring your newly reorganized gadget, as complications may occur if your connection isn’t strong, leaving you with half your data reinstalled on your fresh iDevice or even duplicates that unnecessarily take up your memory.

If you get it right, you’ll have a seemingly brand new product with all your old data stashed exactly where you left it. Good on you, Apple! Thanks for the great update.

Article by Guest Author: Gene Wright

Gene Wright is a passionate writer for the Web. He covers a variety of tech topics, like media format conversion, drm protection removal, DVD and Blu-ray tools, online security tips and concerns etc. Please don’t hesitate to share your thought under the article.

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