Curiosity Rover just became the Mayor Gale Crater on Mars

If you’re into the Foursquare thing, you may know how exciting it is to check-in to a location, share it across, add photos, tips and more. Not to forget the Perks/Specials of visiting a place more often and how can anyone miss the iconic badges when it comes to Foursquare.

I’ve check-in to almost all possible places, finding a unique place to go and then check-in there, to gain more points, yes, Mayorship, yes. We all do it!


In 2010, a 15 year old checked-in to the North Pole and was the first one to do so and now, something out of the world has happened, literally. NASA’s Curiosity Rover has become the Mayor of the Gale Crater on Mars, as we know, at least 2 check-ins are required to be the mayor of a location and there! it has done that!

The first check-in with a pic and a message, “One check-in closer to being Mayor of Mars!” and then Boom! the Mayor of the Gale Crater.

Of course, there is no WiFi or 3G/LTE signal on Mars, so NASA’s social media team took the true latitudinal and longitudinal coördinates of the rover in Mars’ Gale Crater, 182 million miles away from Earth, and performed the check-in on Curiosity’s behalf.

NASA’s social-savvy rover has posted 2 tips too, this may help you when you visit Mars in the future.


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The DNetWorks Team