Tips to add screen widgets on your Android Phone

Since android phones are becoming a more success than our usual laptops and computer desktops. People are finding it easier and convenient to use android phones and carry them along ubiquitously. A simple touch has made life much easier. People can access to internet, news worldwide, games, and e-books just by tapping on the phone screen.

Android home screen allows you to access information on your finger tips by creating short cuts or by just scrolling through the screens. The home screen on the android phone is a lot like your computer desktop or your laptop where you add icons to your home screen to have an easy access to a program or application (app).

Everyone’s phone is different and has different number of home screens. There are a number of things you can do to keep your home screen organized, so you can spend less time flipping through the screens and more time using your phone.


A widget is a program that lives on your home screen. A widget is a short cut that you might press to go to your browser, camera or your contacts. To add a widget, simply hold on an empty home screen, which will take you to add a widget and then scroll to find the one you want to add. Example: Suppose you want to add weather app, hold or long press the icon and drag it to your home screens. And you can select your design the way you want to view it and slide over any time and get the forecast about your country or any parts of the world. Android home screen includes widgets that stream live information to you, giving you some of the functionality of an app without having to open the entire app. Example, the battery widget displays your battery used, and gives you one touch access when you need it.

Move icons around and remove unnecessary applications you don’t need any more. Touch items to open them in the app to get more details or to make changes. Android widgets show you photos of items, like books or song videos. Simply scroll to scan through the items. Touch or long press an item to open the app, or drag it to your home screen to create short cut. You can drag the YouTube icon to your home screen for easy accessibility. Some widgets can be made larger to view more content. Just long press the widget until it’s highlighted and then releases it and drag a corner or side to re-size. Therefore, Android lets you add a lot of things to your home screens, it allows you to create shortcut folders or apps, android phones give you so much that organizing it all can get irresistible. You can create your own folder for all your favorite short cut apps.

Easiest tip is to add screen widget by just holding on an empty home screen, the phone vibrates and takes you to widgets, you can hold or drag the icon or app you want to show or easily access on your home screen.

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