Foursquare: Tips, Tricks and Hacks Exposed

I’ve been on Foursquare for a while now and I’ve learnt a few tricks and tips along the way, would love to share some with your guys.

A person on my Foursquare friend list was/is/will be Number One on the leaderboard for quite some while now and it says that the highest score he has for a week is 42000+ Points, that is practically impossible.

Let me rephrase it, it is Practically Impossible with legitimate Check-ins.

We all have to agree to cheating on Foursquare, a bit, to get the Mayorships, to get a badge and more, but I don’t understand who will do it all the time, just to get points on foursquare?

Then I realized that foursquare points can be integrated with a lot of reward Platforms to gain rewards like a robux generator, deals and discounts from their associated merchants.

The below rules about Foursquare are on my experiences only, they may be incorrect, while I will try my best to jot in all the rules possible, I might miss a few, you are more than welcome to add them in the comment so that I can insert them in this post.

Learn these rules if you want to Win the game called Foursquare, so, while I may not show you’re the direct tricks to hack Foursquare and get the Unlimited Points on the leaderboard, there are hints all around this post you need to figure.

2 Check-ins: Each location require at least 2 Check-ins for a mayor to be declared. So, if you create a Venue, Check-in on following days to become the mayor.

4 AM considered as the next day (4 AM Pacific Standard Time): All Check-ins up to 3:59 AM count as the same day check-in, i.e 4 AM is the start of new Foursquare day, it won’t make sense to check-in again and again on the same day to count towards, points, badges and mayorships.

30 check-ins in 24 Hours: The Foursquare system only allows 30 check-ins or less to occur in a 24 hours.

However, if you do check-in more than 30 times, the 31st check-in during the window period will get you the famous “Whoa, that’s a lot of checkins!” Rapid Fire check-in message. Don’t believe me? Check your Check-in history, count back 30 check-ins and see for yourself.

So if you’ve been heavily checking in during the day, say 9 AM to 5 PM and you reach your daily quota of 30 Check-ins, you can’t check-in until 9 AM the following day.

3 in 15 Minutes: You can safely make 3 check-ins in 15 minutes period and get points, badges and mayorships for it. You can also make the 4th Check-in in the 15-minute period, if you haven’t used foursquare for the last 12 hours.

Mayorship Tips and Tricks on Foursquare

Mayorships are exciting, becoming the mayor of a venue has its own perks too, discounts, free drinks/meals and more

Use the below tricks to maximize your mayorship potential

The Early Bird gets the Worm: If a venue has no mayors, and you’re tied with someone for check-in counts, it’s the first person who next checks-in to that venue (on or after 4 AM PST) gets the mayorship. So if you’re the second person to check-in with the same number of check-ins you will not get the mayorship.

Mayorships will never expire: If you become the mayor of a venue you will remain the mayor, even for 60 days, until someone ousts you, so if you don’t make a valid check-in within the 60 days, the first person to make  check-ins will oust you.

Check-in to your Mayorship only once daily: Multiple check-ins in a day do nothing to help protect your mayorship, but consistently checking in does, each and every day.

Visit stale mayorships twice in 60 days at least: Another way to protect your venue is to make sure you’ve checked in at least 2 times every 60 days.  This way, if someone comes along and challenges your mayorship, an unprotected (unvisited) venue will be easier to recover when you haven’t let it “get stale”. If you do neglect your venue, you may find yourself chasing the ouster for weeks (even months) before ultimately taking back your mayorship.

Rapid-Fire Check-ins Pwned

Have you got stuck in rapid-fire check-in for hours, for some its even days, this is because you didn’t know about the hack to Pwn Foursquare’s Rapid-Fire Check-ins

The biggest workaround being, you can delete ANY Check-in you have ever made, how does that help?

Foursquare allows you to delete check-ins, in case you have made an accidental check-in or a duplicate check-in.

So here is the trick

Delete your Check-in to remove the Rapid Fire Message

This is done with the Foursquare User History page.

If you’ve gone a little trigger happy, all you have to do is delete the last check-in(s) that triggered the Rapid Fire message and refer to my rules above to know when you can next check-in validly.

If you’ve made too many check-ins in a 15-minute time window, delete the bad check-ins and wait until there is at least 15 minutes since the 3rd last check-in you made. If you’ve gone over your 30 check-in limit in 24 hours, delete that check-in and count back 30 check-ins. The time of that 30th check-in is the next time you can validly check-in to another venue.

Spoofing Location:

There are quite a few apps around the Android Play Store and the App Store for iPhone that allow you to fake your location, use one of them and then, Check-in to any place you wish to, across the globe.  Basically, you can make it ‘appear’ as if you are in a certain location i.e. any location, even a different country.

TweetDeck on Mac/PC:

Login with your Foursquare credentials and choose a location to check-in from or schedule a future check-in

Foursquare Mobile:

Use to change location and then search for a place you want to tweet and Check-in without actually being there.

Auto4sq (

  • Automate the process
  • Schedule your Check-ins
  • Mix up a little in terms of Check-in time to make it look original

Additionally, There are a lot of apps on Android and iPhone to automatically checkin to a location when you’re in the venue proximity.

We hope you get the hints! Let me know if we’ve missed a trick or two

Update 1: 4sqHero App

4sq Hero is an iPhone app to make foursquare cheating easier. Plain and simple.

It shows a list of nearby venues and lets the user filter them to find ones they’ve never checked in to before. Reason: Because you get more points that way. It takes just one tap to check in and then you’re done, ready to move on the the next venue you’re not really visiting.

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