Nokia Lumia 900 Pink comes with a matching Nail Polish

In an attempt to woo the female audience Nokia Lumia 900 Magenta comes with a matching Pink Nail polish to go with the phone.

No matter what location, woman around the world love the color pink and Nokia has tried and capitalized on that fact. Nokia has now launched the Nokia Lumia pink nail polish that is designed to match the pink version of the Lumia 900, in the US recently through AT&T. The nail polish is manufactured by the brand Duality Cosmetics and will be available in a limited capacity in one-day-only salons in malls in Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles.


Customers will also be able to receive ‘cellphone-themed’ manicures and pedicures during the events—from Nicki Minaj’s nail stylist, Kandi Banks—while trying out the Lumia 900.

Nokia lit up London with a HD Projection light show featuring DeadMau5 for the Lumia 800 launch.

I really don’t understand why Nokia is still pushing the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango when the Windows 8 Apollo launch is just 2 months away. Why sell old technology to your customer, when the new one will be available for the same price in the near future

That reminds me of another campaign where YSL were selling Facebook inspired Eye Shadow

Do you think these type of marketing stunts work?

The DNetWorks Team