Google Fiber: 1000Mbps Internet Connection with Fiber TV and Nexus Tab 7 as a remote

Google has finally rolled out the much talked about Internet connection it was developing in Kansas, what’s the big deal? The connection speed is 1000Mbps it also has its own TV Service (similar to Google TV) and has a Nexus Tab 7 as a remote.


The price you’d pay is a mere $70/month, or $120 if you want TV access too. Google will even toss in a free Nexus 7 tablet if you go with the upper tier.  Best of all, they also have a free 5 gigabit option, so long as you’re willing to cough up a $300 construction fee payable in full or in $25 installments.

There is also a $300 construction fee for installing the fiber at your house, though. But Google is waiving that fee for new customers at the start. The internet and TV package, along with the 1TB of storage. An internet-only package, with the 1TB. And if you decide to pay the construction fee, you can also choose a FREE 5Mbps down 1Mbps up internet package. You can break that payment down to $25/month for the first year, with a minimum of 7 years of free service, too!

The Pre-registration is available for Kansas City residents with a $10 deposit until September 9. Google has started a blog specifically for the Kansas City project.

Gigabit Internet: With a gigabit internet, you can use the internet at web at speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans enjoy today. This package will include a gigabit-enabled network box with advanced WiFi and 1TB of cloud storage on Google Drive. If you prefer avoiding using a bunch of Ethernet cable then these Recommended WiFi Hotspot are ideal for an optimal signal performance

Gigabit + Google Fiber TV: What’s better than a gigabit Internet? A gigabit-internet plus TV, designed for how you watch today and how you’ll watch tomorrow. Google Fiber TV carries hundreds of channels (including your local favorites) and tens of thousands of shows on demand in crystal clear HD. With 8 tuners and 2TB of DVR storage, you’ll never have to miss a show again. You’ll also get a brand new Nexus 7 tablet that you can use as a remote control.

Free Internet: We know that not everyone is ready to commit to a Gigabit Internet as yet. But we want to make sure you have the opportunity to upgrade when you’re ready. So if you pre-register and your fiberhood gets installed, you’ll have the option to get a 5 megabit per second (Mbps) connection for zero monthly charge, and your home will be wired and ready for the switch. The Free Internet option will cost $0 per month, although you will have to pay a $300 construction fee (which can either be paid at once, or in $25 monthly installments), says Google

How comfortable are you guys with the idea of Google being in charge of your internet service? They already control so much of the online experience, so the expansion makes sense, but one can’t help but get a little nervous that they’re relying too much on a single company and laying all eggs in one basket. But hey, free Nexus and insanely fast internet. After this, how far away is Google from providing wireless service?

If you are in Kansas check it out, If you’re not, would you be getting the Google Internet when it hits your area?

The DNetWorks Team