Facebook brings in Promoted posts to get those extra bucks from Advertising

Facebook recently launched promoted posts, which show up in your NewsFeed just like an update, the only difference is, it reads “Promoted” at the bottom of the post along with the like, comment links and the time.

Facebook has opened the option to public, so if you are an owner of a Facebook Page, whenever you update a status, you can get it promoted so more people can see it.


This stays on the NewsFeed for 3 days from the time it is posted.

There is an option to get your older post to be promoted to users NewsFeed, forcefully, provided the post is no older than 4 days.

Oh and by the way it isn’t free, you have to pay for the post to be promoted in the NewsFeed.

Whenever you update your Facebook page, there appears a drop-down button that reads, Promote, Once you click on it, it allows you to set a budget for the promotion, the more amount you set the more the reach will get for the post.

Then you can set the Currency that benefits you the most as per this article you can read more about, the Duration and other details for the post and once you do the payment, you posts appears in the promoted NewsFeed for NOT only the fans but the friends of Fans too.

The DNetWorks Team