Turn your twitter feed into a radio station with The Social Radio

Ever felt yourself twitching to check your twitter timeline when you’re driving, or working, or just cannot afford to keep checking the twitter feed every 10 seconds?







The Social Radio made waves in February 2012 when it launched it’s website that turns your twitter feed into a radio station. It uses a text to speech engine, but it’s not the only one to do this. It calls itself a radio station because it plays your music in the background while reading out your tweets. Whether you’re having breakfast, or driving to the office, or just lazing on a park bench, you’re never without your Social Radio.

The app is simple, requires a single click login to twitter, and you’re good to go. The default action is to read out all your tweets one by one. It’s got amazing language detection so you won’t suddenly heard a garbled bunch of nonsense in the wrong language.

The speech engine is top class and ensures that it does not degenerate into a monotonous droning sound. The app has two voices, one male and one female, that read out the tweets, and are smart enough to not read out entire hyperlinks from the tweet. Instead, they simple say that it’s a “link on t.co” or “link on “yahoo.com”.

There is a music player styled control for the speech engine, and a “rewind” button that takes you back 10 tweets, in case you missed something. Very neat, and they promise to give you better control over this feature in the future.

As said before, one of the biggest features of this app is that it plays music while it’s reading your tweets out. The background music score is optional, but certainly recommended.  It even has smart volume management so your tweets don’t get drowned out. You can play music from your own device by selecting any of the installed music players, or downloading recommended music players from the market. Still not satisfied? You can have the app hook up with your favourite music player, even if it’s not listed.

If you’re the kind who has a large and diverse twitter stream, you’ll love the fact that you can have the app read out tweets from any of your specific lists, or for a particular hashtag as well.
And if your twitter feed has become particularly boring, you can check out the trends section and find trending topics in a region of your choice. At the time of writing this article, Friday the 13th was trending and it’s made my morning very entertaining. And when all else fails, you can always search for something like you would on your regular twitter app.

One thing that’s missing from the app is the twitter timeline itself. Perhaps one might say it’s redundant given that everything is being read out, but I’d still like to have the tweets easily accessible for times when I need to follow links. Perhaps it will be included in the next version of the app?

On the whole. The Social Radio is a refreshing way to stay on top of tweets and trending topics. We hear that they plan to integrate with Facebook timeline as well.  If you haven’t tried it out yet, head over to the Google Play store where the app is free for a limited time. Also available on iOS. The Blackberry app still under development.

If you wish to get it on your Android, Download it via the PlayStore

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