Sega makes Piss powered Games, Literally

Sega, once a legend in the gaming industry has literally taking the piss, they’ve introduced urine powered games in Japan.

As bizarre and weird it sounds, it is the FACT. Now that the likes of Nitendos, XBox, etc has taken over the market, it is really tough for Sega to get back at top.

After a decade or so, Sega has finally come back with a one-of-a-kind video game, called “Toylet”, This game connects with a urinal and allows the users to play various video games while they are getting their work done. Yes, you read it right.

Urinating on the sensor connected to the gaming console activates the game screen on an LCD planted about the urinal, offering a host of games including, blowing wind up a Girls dress and more. It costs about $1750 and each game cost $125 extra. Toylet is available in Japan for now.

I hope they have a Multiplayer option too 😉

Click out the video

The DNetWorks Team