Use Empire Avenue to drive traffic and increase engagements for your web property

There are zillions of ways you can drive traffic to your website, Empire Avenue is one of the newest ways you can do so. All you need is an Empire Avenue account and Eavs (Empire Avenue Currency.) Basically Empire Avenue is a Virtual Social Stock Market, where your value increases depending upon how social you are.

Empire Avenue has started a new feature called Missions where you could add a mission for a certain amount of Eavs and have people follow your instructions inorder to earn Eavs from you.

DNTZN, is Dhawal Damania’s Empire Avenue Account, as you can see, he is really successful with Empire Avenue, Vice-President of Technology Domain and an avid Empire Avenue users.

Here is how you could drive traffic to your web-property using Empire Avenue

1. Login to your Empire Avenue Account

2. Go to Mission

3. Create a Mission for what you wish to do.

4. Add the reward you wish to give to the users who complete the tasks you set as mission.

5. Voila!


We’ve got some awesome results using the same.


The DNetWorks Team