A women so engrossed texting falls in a lake

Bonnie Miller from Benton Harbor, Michigan, was so into her phone, texting and fixing an appointment that she falls in to Lake Michigan.

The worst part was that she wasn’t a great swimmer, thanks to Rebecca Van Zant who was present at the pier, and she could save her.

“All of a sudden you hear a splash. We just thought people were jumping off, but it was weird because it’s the river side, so it’s like why would somebody want to jump off that side?”, said Rebecca.

Rebecca is wanted to be a coastguard and has failed the test once before, she jumped in and saved Miller from far worse than a little scratches.


Miller said, “I had set an appointment for the wrong time and so I sent about three words. Next thing you know it was the water, I can’t believe how many people came, I’m really quite embarrassed. I’m just so grateful to be alive, I have a new lease on life.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know what phone she was using, But this is becoming really common these days, walking and texting, Facebooking, tweeting, BBMing, having no idea of what’s happening around. The may pose a severe threat.

Perhaps, Indian govt. is TRYING to get a law to fine people who use their phone while walking.

What do you think about this initiative.


The DNetWorks Team