Sponsored Story start to appear in the Facebook Feed, How to stop them

As speculated, Facebook has begun to roll out the Sponsored Story feed integration. So, instead of reading them on the right side of your Facebook windows, you will see them integrated in your feeds.

We happened to notice the Sponsored Story in our Wall Feed today (20th March 2012).


These stories are marked Sponsored and only one Sponsored Story will be shown on your News feed per day. The sponsored updates are about friends or Pages that users already like. Users can’t opt out of Sponsored Stories in the news feed.

This is an advertisers paradise now, the ability to display ads with the organic news feed updates. The Ads look similar to the organic news feed the only difference being the word Sponsored witten at the bottom.

What do you think about this Move by Facebook?

Update: You can now opt out of Sponsored Stories.

Here are the steps to follow

1. Go to Account Settings on your Facebook Profile.

2. Click on Facebook Ads link

3. Click on Edit Social Ads Setting


4. Change the tab from Only my friends to No one

and you are done, no more sponsored stories in your news feed.

The DNetWorks Team