Rage Comics: Dummies guide to internet memes

You must have seen Rage Comics all over Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and so on, it all started at 4chan but they have evolved drastically.  Over time, contributors have created numerous stock faces which show readily identifiable emotions.


These amateurish cartoons with the same set of expression are used a various places and the growth is exponential. They have been taken as a standard form for internet communication to depict stories which are Quick, Funny or Serious and convey a message which is not at all difficult to understand.


Rage comics’ popularity has been attributed to their use as vehicles for humorizing shared experiences. As of January 2011, the rage comic “fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu-“ ranked among the top 20 most subscribed on reddit. – Wikipedia

Here are the most popular Rage Comics around the Internet

Troll Face

This fellow here needs no introduction, it is the most widely and one of the oldest Rage Comics Meme used. Basically, he is the prankster who makes other lives difficult. He has the legendary Smug on his Face. He manages to offend people.


Rage Guy 

Rage Guy is the one who is at the receiving end of the Troll’s acts. He is the one who has been deliberately offended and hence the reaction and expression on his face.

Everything went better than expected

This is a variation of the Rage guy. Unlike the Rage Guy who is irate towards the end, this one has a happy ending…This character was initially used as a happy guy who is troubled by the Troll and turns into a rage guy.

B#tch Please a.k.a Yao Ming Face

It is said to be the face of the basketball player, Yao Ming with a hearty simple, conveying a message, “B!tch Please.” Maybe used where you need to one up something or correct someone on something. This is especially useful if the person you are correcting is a Girl.

Forever Alone

Initially used to denote someone lonely and disappointed in life, Forever Alone is increasingly being used to produce a humourous effect. He simply isn’t compatible enough with anyone to be in a relationship and someone who has stopped caring about the relationships and content with himself. A character, many singles associate themselves with..


Everything went better than expected

The deliberately overlooked Grammer here makes it easier to drag the attention of the mass on a particular issue. It works best when used along wirh the troll.

Me Gusta


Me Gusta actually means “Pleases me” in Spanish. However in practice Me Gusta has been used to denote a scenario which is painful but one which simultaneously causes a strange pleasure. Of late Me Gusta has been use to indicate pain or discomfort sarcastically by telling “Me Gusta”.

Poker Face

Poker Face

The poker face is someone who has committed a mistake and doesn’t want to admit it..Well, it could also be used in a situation where you just want to present a blank stare (expressionless) perhaps to indicate that I don’t give a fuck !

F*ck Yea

Nothing much about this character, just used to indicate a scenario typically sort of triumphant …


A character used to express humour arising out of a blunder that was committed.

Oh Crap | OMG Rage Face

A character who is slowly gaining popularity is used to express a mixture of feelings like rage, shock, surprise, frustration, anger, revelation, etc. On a personal note, I have always been confused by where and how this particular charecter has been used. A variant of OMG Rage Face is “Being an X”.

You Don’t Say ?

Stupid questions/statements deserve equally stupid responses and “You Don’t Say?” does just that. It is often used to react sarcastically  to something a statement made based on obvious observation.


Do you have a favorite Meme? Wanna share what you like for it? Let’s discuss, the coolest meme on the internet.

The DNetWorks Team