Facebook Friend finder discovers Husband’s second wife

Everything would be awesome for Alan O’Neill if it wasn’t for Facebook friend suggestion tool, his Wife would have never found out that he was married to another woman as well.

Washington State corrections Officer, Alan O’Neill has been booked for bigamy by this wife after she found out that he was married to another women, which browsing through Facebook. Both of them were introduced to each other via the Facebook Friend Finder tool.

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He was never in a relationship with both women at one time, this is his story, O’Neill was still married to the first wife when he wed the second one. Previously known as Alan Fulk, he married his first wife in 2001. They split in 2009, but did not file for divorce, according to court records and the Rochester family law lawyer report. In December 2011, he changed his last name to O’Neill and married his second wife later that month without the knowledge of his first spouse.

The first wife came to know about them when she first saw the second wife’s profile photo with Alan posing with a wedding cake besides them. And THEN, she contacted O’Neill’s mother, and was informed by his mother about it.

As soon as O’Neill was informed about the incident he went across to the first wife’s house and then hell broke loose. He begged to her to not tell anything to anyone about the dual marriages and he could FIX the problem. On the contrary, she alerted the authorities.

O’Neill is scheduled to appear in court on March 22 to answer his felony charge. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Technology sometimes can scr3w you up

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