7 things you do on Facebook that turn your Boyfriend Off

Stop playing farmville, should be at the Number 1 list of things you shouldn’t do to annoy your boyfriend and guess what, it is. These habits can make your boyfriend call quits, after a small research we have come up with these Facebook faux pas that will cause a dude to re-evaluate the relationship and redirect his affection somewhere else.

So ladies, READ.UNDERSTAND.REMEMBER the golden rule of Facebook, the things you should NOT do

7. Have 1000s of friends on you Facebook

If you have thousands of friend on Facebook, the guy will definitely conclude that you measure your own coolness over Facebook and guess what that means? You don’t even count on the Cool Factor Scale. He may think you spend all your time seeing and following other people’s lives and you barely have a life of your Own.

6. Like Everything on Facebook

A guy would love to see your likes and interest from the things you LIKE on Facebook, but if you go liking n-number of bands, people, Food, and all the random pages that come your way, he will decode that you desperately seek approval, flow with the current and have no sense of direction.

5. Write the Same Message on everyone’s Wall individually

If you are the types of person who doesn’t know the difference between Private chat and Public Chat via Walls, Guess what, I have a bad news for you. You will be framed being an Attention wh0®3, who does everything, Online or offline to seeks attention from anyone and everyone.

4. You abuse your Ex all the time

Posting sh!t things about your Ex or abusing all men doesn’t get you his affirmation, Comments about ex-boyfriends and bad dates make you look petty immature and Stuck in the past, lifeless woman. Plus, guys simply hate whiners, #TRUESTORY

3. Update Statuses constantly

No one cares what clothes you wore today or which lipstick color is you favorite one, if you can’t go 30 minutes without updating your status, he will assure that you have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) or have no life. When you put up each and everything on Facebook, including where you are and whom you are with every single time, you may come across as a Show-off with no sense of privacy, terrified that some day you’ll splash his secrets all over your wall, he’ll likely delete your digits from his phone.

2. DUCKFACE, Enough Said

So, you have zillions of photos with all your friends in the bl0w-up doll look (you know, lips puckered), in his books, you as an attention wh0®3 again who tries too hard to be sexy, the DUCKFACE humor isn’t swallowed well on Social Media.PERIOD.

Even the Zillions of photo uploads and tags in skimpy clothes may making him want to disconnect you from his life at once.

1. STOP PLAYING FARMVILLE AND MAFIA WARS and stop sending request to everyone on your friends list to saying you’ve gifted them a sheep or some bullsh*t (fertilizers)

Playing games in the virual world, is the new obsession, even if it’s entertaining for you it looks like you are on the web whole day wasting your time playing these sh!t games, he may assume that you have trouble in face-to-face social situations.


So, girls, keep these in mind and use them as a guideline 😉

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The DNetWorks Team