Zurker.in lists you as the owner of the company once you join and refer

Zurker.in, unique and new Social Network which is in PRE ALPHA stage and is expected to go live in April 2012. What’s different? You can own a share of the company, just by joining in and having a few members referred.

The numbers of members you get in to registers gives you VSHARES, V-shares are a stake in Zurker, V-shares can be thought of as agreements between the owners of a startup about the size of their stake in the enterprise to be incorporated. Such agreements are common amongst investors whenever a business is launched; however, with hundreds of thousands of investors owning V-shares in Zurker, the number of owners is larger than usual, says the website.

If you wish to try the new Social Network and probably get some shares, we’ve got early invites for Zurker.in here.

Make hay while the sun shines, people, get some VSHARES, you never know, this might be the next BIG Thing

The DNetWorks Team