How to take screenshot on Mac without a third party Software

There comes a lot of times when you need to take a screenshot of the screen on the Mac like writing this article 😉

A very few people know that there is an inbuilt screenshot app on a Mac and there is no need to get a third party application to take screenshots.


There are 3 options to get a screenshot.

1. To get the screenshot of your Entire Screen you need to press Shift+Command and then press the number 3 on a Mac.

2. Say, you don’t want to get the screenshot of the entire screen but only a particular area, what you can do is press Shift+Command and then number 4 on a Mac.

A selection cursor will appear You can press the mouse and select the screen once you release the mouse button or the trackpad it will take the screenshot of that particular selection


3. To get a screenshot of a particular Windows on a Mac you need to press Shift+Command and then number 4, the cursor will change to selection, right after that press the Spacebar and voila!


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P.S.: The screenshot get saved on the desktop, with a PNG extension, if you on the defaults settings of the GRAB App

The DNetWorks Team


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