Shahrukh Khan takes marketing to a whole new level, teams-up with YouTube, Google+ for Ra.One promotions

Shahrukh Khan, known for his unique ways to promote his upcoming films, has taken marketing to a whole new level he is not leaving any stones unturned and is using each and every promotional tool in his arsenal to promote is superhero film Ra.One. It already has a presence on practically every single social network out there—from Facebook and Twitter to Blogger, Linkedin, Orkut and Picasa—and has an official website, movie merchandise being sold on its own online store, a graphic novel and online games.

Red Chillies, SRKs Production house, in an attempt to make full use of Youtube have released an interactive video where SRK can be seen explaining the superpowers that he uses in the movie. Which can be seen below in this article.

Google India head Rajan Anandan announced in a conference with Shah Rukh Khan today that the Bollywood actor will be participating in live chats with fans on Google+ as part of an agreement which will see Google promoting the movie’s channel on YouTube. Ra.One is also currently being heavily advertised on Google’s AdWords channels.

Bollywood has, increasingly, been using social media to promote movies. Now after Facebook and Twitter, Shahrukh Khan wants to capture Google+ and will be one of the first Bollywood actors to join the site.

Shahrukh Khan has also released a Ra.One Game for various platforms, like Sony Playstation, XBox, etc.



The DNetWorks Team