Dear Google, This will send shivers down you Spine. Regards, Facebook

The new UI and features Facebook rolled out last week has only one sole purpose, to keep users sticking around Facebook. But guess what, Facebook is already crushing the rest of the Web when it comes to stickiness.

Check out this engagement chart, courtesy of Citigroup’s Mark Mahaney. It’s a neat illustration of the Web 2.0 era, and does a nice job of explaining why Google is so freaked out about Facebook, and why AOL and Yahoo seem to be in eternal turnaround mode.

Every time a graph like this appears on the internet, Facebook stakeholders get all charged up, as do their marketing partners.

You will see a lot of exaggerations like this going around before the Facebook IPO. They’re just hustling for the pump and dump. All the big boys in the valley are doing it these days.

Normally, People keep FB open in one of the tabs. They look at it several times a day, for less than a minute each time. It’s the social media version of sitting back, chatting with a colleague for half a minute, then back to work. But that tab is open all day and all night. So even if they do a deep dive into FB in the evening, the measurement of the time spent on the site is going to be multiple times higher than the actual time spent.

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The DNetWorks Team