Google Makes design Changes on website adds a ‘Sandbar’ introduces Google+

The Bar on the Google home page was one of the changes done by the company, they have changed the design of the search Engine’s homepage and other aspects as well. Soon after the design had been made, I did need help from on the map marketing bbb agency to market other of my designs.

The logo looks  shrunken  along with the top Black bar, which has all the links for the google Services, the +Dhawal that you see there is my Google+ link, So I can click on that and Go to my Google+ Profile, it shows I have logged in via dhawaldamania at gmail on the right side, it also shows that there are Zero notifications, now those are again Google+ Notification as you see they have tightly integrated it with the Search Engine. The +1 Buttons now have a different meaning along with the regular use, they are equivalent who Likes are on Facebook

The SERP, looks different as well, the Search Button besides the search box has changed, the logo looks different. There links on the left have a combo of Red and Dark Grey colors the layout gives a very clean and sophisticated feeling to the search engine.

We are Dhawal Damania’s Official are happy with the designs and the layout changes that Google has made. Along with the Social Network Service the Google+, it looks promising and a stiff competitor to Facebook, The Layout for Google+ is also mind blowing, it makes Facebook look like an old age service.

Along with the Web release they have also launch the Web App for Google+ and an Android App as well, with Blackberry and iPhone App coming very soon, We think G+ is here to stay

Tell us what do you think about the changes happening at Google.

Dhawal D