Facebook testing yet another design change? 4th Column ‘faster’ Stream

Facebook has been report to roll out another the layout change, though this design change is visible to a few users, but will eventually be  propagated  to all. One of our friend, Kaushal Karkhanis, spotted a 4th column on Facebook layout and quickly tweeted it on Twitter.

It seems that it appears when you sign in to chat.  To close you click on ‘Hide List’ and it goes back to the original chat bar. It is  supposedly, a quicker Stream on Facebook, a-la Twitter, which we think will be a continues stream of update as they are submitted by the users.



You clearly see the 4th column that we were talking about on the extreme right.


With Google+ being launched and made public, people are migrating to it faster than ever. What is the future of Facebook? or is this just an initial  Euphoria that Google+ is generating?

Or will G+ be a tough competition to the Social Network giant, Facebook. Only time will tell.



Please feel free to share your views and suggestions.


Dhawal D